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the Darkin Blade

Aatrox a Legendary Darkin Warrior. Here are the best tips on how to beat this blade wielding champion.

Best Aatrox counter tips:

  • Try to kill him while his resource bar is low. He will revive with significantly reduced health!
  • Aatrox relies heavily on attack speed – attack speed reduction items/skills are the key to victory!
  • Dark flight’s impact center will knock you up – avoid that!
  • If Aatrox build’s damage – focus him first, he will be easy to kill!
  • Items with healing reduction(Grievous Wounds) work’s wonders against Aatrox!

During laning phase, most Aatrox players max his E – Blades of Torment. It is his primary poking/farming tool. Remember, it has a triangular shape, so it is easier to avoid it if you keep a suitable distance from Aatrox. If you are low on health, keep your distance since after LVL six he has significant burst damage with his Q, E, R combo. His R(Massacre) gives him higher attack range and increased attack speed.

After laning phase, don’t engage in prolonged fights with him if you can’t burst him down, sustain from W(blood thirst/blood price) will keep him healthy or deal massive damage with the blood price. Aatrox DPM suffers greatly from crowd control abilities. Stun him, slow him, reduce his attack speed and you will counter Aatrox quickly.


Aatrox is weak against

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Aatrox is Strong Against

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Pros / Cons

Blood Thirst gives him massive sustain
 Dark Flight give him high mobility
Good CC with knock-up(Q) and slow(E)
Free Guardian Angel with his passive
No mana, no problems

Weak to CC: keeps Aatrox from healing
 You have two build options: tank or damage, hybrid does not work
 Have problems dealing with ranged poke and mobility
 Defensive items are required
 Hard to recover from losing lane
– His passive gives false sense of security