the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri, a Legendary Nine-Tailed Fox, will charm you and suck all life force from you if you aren’t careful. Here are the best tips on how to beat this charming champion.

Best Ahri counter tips:

  • Standing behind minions is the best way to avoid her Charm!
  • Try to punish her every time Charm is on cooldown!
  • Ahri is vulnerable when her ultimate is on cooldown!
  • Try to CC her down when she starts to use her ultimate and focus her on neutralizing her effectively!
  • Ahri is slippery but squishy, use that to your advantage!

During laning phase, most Ahri players will max their Q – Orb of Deception. She will try to poke you with it as well. Be careful in the lane if you have less than half of your hit points since one charm combo can send you back to the fountain! Champions with silence or stun(Annie, Fiddlesticks) work great against her.

After the laning phase, most Ahri players will roam the map and look for kills at the top or bottom of the map. If she falls behind in the laning phase, she won’t be a significant threat to you as long as she comes alone. If she roams with a champion that can deal serious damage and charm lands you will be looking at the gray screen for some time!


Ahri is weak against

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Ahri is Strong Against

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Pros / Cons

High mobility
 High and safe poke damage
Good wave clear
Counters All in champions, because of R – Spirit Rush
Strong roamer with Spirit Rush
+ Safe laning phase

Reliant on one skillshot – Charm
 Most of her abilities are skillshots
 Low mana pull in early game