the Fist of Shadow

Akali, a Kinkou order Warrior, is entrusted with the sacred duty of Pruning the Tree – eliminating those who threaten the equilibrium of Valoran.

Best Akali counter tips:

  • Try to prevent Akali to use Mark of the Assasin after level 6, as she can proc it twice using her dashes!
  • You can still hit her with AOE spells/abilities when she hides inside her shroud!
  • Dark flight’s impact center will knock you up – avoid that!
  • Pink wards counter Akali heavily  – carry one with you and place it when she hides in her shroud!
  • Stealth revealing champions are good counters to Akali as they can reveal her when she tries to hide in the shroud!

As Akali is heavily dependent on one item – Hextech Gunblade she will farm up till she can buy the item before going all in. After level 6 and with Hextech Gunblade she can kill most champions with one combo. Don’t let her passive playstyle in the early game fool you and be ready for all in after level six.

Akali is weak early so if you manage to get one or two kills before level six you should be able to out scale Akali easily. Once she falls behind it is hard for her to come back. Always ping if Akali has left the lane as she likes to roam and pick up kills on other lanes.


Akali is weak against

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Akali is Strong Against

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Pros / Cons

Incredible burst damage
 Amazing gap closer with Akali’s ultimate
Good sustain in team fights
No mana, no problems + zero cost ultimate
+ Outplay potential with Twilight Shroud and Shadow dance combo
+ Easy to master – simple combos
+ Super dependent on one item – Hextech Gunblade

Entirely dependent on one item
 Heavily countered by pink wards
 Have no reliable escape
 Useless when falls behind early
 Bad scaling in late game
– Melee mid