the Minotaur

Mightiest Warrior of the Great Barrier minotaur tribes – Alistar will be the one who stands by your side till the end.

Best Alistar counter tips:

  • When pushing into enemy tower watch your distance, Alistar will try to find a way how to use “Flash, Pulverize, headbutt combo!
  • Whenever he messes up Headbutt – Pulverize combo, punish him as hard as possible!
  • Do not try to dive him, since he has insane crowd control abilities and his ultimate will reduce a lot of damage!
  • Alistar combos have long cooldowns, abuse that as much as possible!

During laning phase try to stay ahead in experience. If Alistar levels up faster than you and your support he will try to abuse that as much as possible.

In mid game, Alistar will try to roam the map and establish the vision for his team. Team up with your middle or top for some easy kill. During team fights, Alistar will try to knock up/pulverize as many champions as possible, do not stay close together and you should be okay.


Alistar is weak against
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Alistar is Strong Against
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Pros / Cons

Alistar is a tank support, with his ultimate up, he is one of the best tanks in the game
 He has good engage abilities
Alistar has good peeling abilities
Has heal and a stun, two best things that support needs

Super long cooldowns for combos
 He has hard time to hit his combos against champions with dash abilities – Ezreal/Lucian
 Compared to other supports he has low mobility