the Sad Mummy

An ancient, lonely and melancholy filled soul from Shurima. Amumu only wishes to find a friend who will play with him.

Best Amumu counter tips:

  • Avoid grouping around Amumu when fighting him – Amumu AOE abilities may be devastating!
  • Use range attacks as your advantage to kite him around and avoid his AoE damage!
  • Counter Jungling will lower Amumu jungle clear. He has to use a lot of mana to be effective in the jungle!
  • Set up good vision around you since Amumu can attack from many angles with his Bandage Toss!

During early game, Amumu is vulnerable to your invades. Amumu is a weak 1v1 champion, and you can abuse that. Always ward your flanks when invading to spot enemies that try to help out Amumu when you try to kill him in his jungle.

In mid and late game Amumu will look for ways to drop his ultimate on as many Champions as possible. His 3 AoE abilities can do massive amounts of damage to your team so spread out and kite him out. Champions who deal can deal %HP damage or have abilities that counter roots – like Olaf’s Ragnarok, work well against Amumu.


Amumu is weak against

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Amumu is Strong Against

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Pros / Cons

Great jungler overall
Has good CC 
He is quite tanky
Great Bronze through Gold
Has game-changing Ultimate

Amumu is easily counter-jungled
 Quite weak in early game
 Bad in 1v1
 Ultimate and pull can be countered with disengage abilities and QSS