the Rebel

Xayah is a vastayan revolutionary. With deadly precision, she is waging a personal war to save her people.

Best Xayah counter tips:

  • Xayah punishes immobile champions, pick a mobile champion to avoid her CC easily!
  • Xayah has short attack range. High attack range marksman will trade better with her in the lane!
  • More we will add more tips when we gather more data from live servers!

During laning phase, Xayah will try to set up her root. Do not stand behind her feathers! If three of them will hit you once she casts her Bladecaller(E), she will root you for 1 second, and any advantage will be lost.

After laning phase safest way to counter Xayah is to CC and burst her down. Xayah needs time to set up before she can deal high damage. Be aware for her flanks and when possible focus her down.

Xayah is weak against

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Xayah is Strong Against

xayah-miss fortune xayah-Jihn xaya-kogmaw xayah-sivir

Pros / Cons

Built in Crowd Control
 Deals damage to multiple targets with her feathers 
Featherstorm helps to escape tight situations


Low range
 Needs time to set up before she can deal massive amounts of damage
 Have problems dealing with ranged poke and mobility